Welcome to the J.R Watkins Home Business!

J.R Watkins a great business that has been around since 1868….yes, almost 150 years! Delivering top quality products across Canada and the USA, Watkins has become a household name and trusted by both customers and consultants for generations!

Watkins Auto Shipments and Quotas

Watkins is a very flexible home business and works with your schedule. There are no auto-shipments and unlike other home businesses, you do not have to meet a certain quota each month in fear of being kicked out otherwise! You also do not have to buy catalogues every couple of weeks (our Master catalogues are printed twice a year and our monthly specials are available online in our monthly flyer)

The business is very rewarding, offering a variety of ways to conduct the business (online, trade shows, parties, sponsoring etc.) and the product line is amazing. Still keeping the traditional classics but also introducing new products every so often, Watkins is comitted to providing a wide selection of products to suit all needs!

Reasons to Join Watkins

Work at it part-time or full-time, start the business to show your kids what running a business is all about or begin the business to supplement you in you retirement years…the reasons are endless!

About J R Watkins Products

Early products from J R Watkins including home medicinal products like red liniment for aches and pains and cough syrup and others meant for health. Other products included household cleaners and award winning spices and extracts for the kitchen. Many of those traditional top selling products are still available, with plenty new products added. Watkins is focused on natural alternatives and producing best of the best so you can be sure that is what you are getting when you buy anything with the Watkins name on it! It’s so easy to replace every day items in your house with the Watkins brand!

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