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Reasons Why…

Reasons Why You Should Become a Watkins Consultant/Distributor


 Why Should You Start a Watkins Business?

  • If you want to earn some extra income part-time
  • If you want to start a full-time business
  • If you just want to get a personal discount on your own purchases
  • If you want to help family and friends order products

Are you considering a Watkins Home Business? You may not know that Watkins has been providing quality natural products for 150 years, since 1868. Through the years our product line has grown and evolved to meet the needs of families across North America.

Watkins is a respected and trusted company with a solid home–based business opportunity. It is not a get rich quick plan. You won’t earn thousands of dollars the first month. You are rewarded based on your efforts and your ability to follow a proven system with support, training, and coaching. You choose the business methods that will work best for you.

Watkins offers consumable natural products that people use everyday.

  • Gourmet ingredients for baking and cooking
  • Health remedies for every lifestyle
  • Natural plant-based personal care lotions and creams that moisturize and protect your skin
  • Natural plant-based home care and cleaning products that are free of chemicals and safe for you, your family, and the environment.

You will love using the products yourself. As you use the products and find your favorites you develop your own testimonials and stories. The more you know about the products and their uses the better you can meet the needs and answer the questions of your customers. At the same time the products are improving your life and you are adding to your income.

Watkins stands behind every product. The company is so sure you and your customers will love the quality of their products that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, just as J. R. Watkins did 150 years ago.

After joining for just $29.95 (plus tax) you control your business.

  • Your Watkins Membership gives you a discount based on the size of your order plus access to monthly specials and consultant only sales.
  • You earn 15% to 39% commission on Watkins customer orders
  • As your business grows and you reach higher achievement levels, Watkins rewards you with cash bonuses and Performance Rewards Luxury Vacation.
  • You choose additional optional marketing materials based on your business strategy.
  • There are no hidden costs, commitments, quotas, or minimums to remain a Watkins Associate. The only additional cost is the the annual membership renewal fee of $29.95.
  • Watkins offers catalogs, monthly specials fliers, and other business materials but you as an Consultant decide whether or not to buy and use these materials.
  • Consultants are not required to maintain an inventory.
  • Consultants may purchase optional product assortments.

You choose how you want to run your business and market the products.

  • Market products in person to customers
  • Market products online to friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances
  • Give product sampling parties
  • Market products at a  booth or table at community events, school and church bazaars, fairs, craft shows, trade shows
  • Buy products for yourself and build a team of Consultants who also use the products (Simply replace the products you use on a regular basis with Watkins products instead of buying them from the grocery or variety store.)
  • Or not sell products at all and just buy for yourself and/or your family and friends

Our Timeless Integrity Leaders provide a free training website, a free recruiting website, and a free e-commerce website for all members and you will be a member if you join with me as your sponsor. Timeless Integrity also provides monthly training webinars, free printable business tools, an information Facebook page, and a weekly emailed newsletter.

Your success with Watkins depends mainly on your efforts to promote the products and the business. We provide suggestions and you decide what strategies will work for you. I’ve found that a combination of methods works best for me.

As a member of our Watkins team I am always available to answer questions by email or phone and I answer your questions promptly.

If you want to start your own Watkins Business, sell products and/or build a team Join Us Today!

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