Happy Friendship Day


ख़ुदा से दुआ करता हूँ कि,
दोस्ती हमारी इतनी गहरी हो,

दोस्ती हमारी इतनी गहरी हो,

के करतूतें मेरी

और बेइज़्ज़ती तुम्हारी हो !!!


-Happy friendship day…

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Payday and Title Loans – Quick Fixes for your Money Troubles

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Sometimes an expense occurs that we cannot handle with our immediate funds. At the same time, we want to avoid a loan from friends or family and do not want to go to the bank. Quick solutions are available at a fair rate through payday loan services. You can get small amounts and pay them off quickly when your next paycheck arrives.

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Counterfactual Thinking as a Means for Personal Improvement

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Social Cognition 2018

We all have probably wondered to ourselves what we would do with the money if we won the max winnings of a lotto ticket, or how much better our lives would be if we took good care of our health. Counterfactuals are the imaginings of what could’ve been. They’re conditional propositions of how things may have only turned out better, or worse, if something in the past (be it a choice or luck for example) went differently. Historians write entire books under the premise of a single counterfactual, and we may map out our entire futures given how we mentally interact with these thoughts. To reiterate, counterfactuals are thoughts that question how things could have gone, if only x, y, or z happened, and these thoughts are universal across all cultures. Even under Chinese dialects, where there is no equivalent of phrases meaning “if only”, and therefore there is an…

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